Latrice Sampson Richards

Your Life Enhancement Coach

When I was approaching 30 I realized that there was so much about the world that was still a mystery to me. I also realized that I had no idea who I truly was and where /who I wanted to be. This began my journey of self-discovery. In 2012 I decided to create a to-do list instead of making a New Year's resolution; because nobody keeps their resolutions anyway. This list consisted of 10 things I've always had an interest in but never tried. In developing this list I examined all of the blocks that prevented me from indulging in these things in the first place. Fear of vulnerability, lack of self-knowledge, and unhealthy ideas about myself and my place in the world quickly surfaced as my primary obstacles. So, as I embarked upon my journey, I was intentional about overcoming them. Soon, I realized that these are common blocks within the Black community; as I simultaneously became more educated about the plight of my community both culturally and politically. The more I indulged, the more I learned. The more I learned, the more deeply connected I became to these issues and obstacles. I believe it is my purpose to help you get to your purpose. I goal is to help Black women heal from our past so we can build a future we deserve.

Things I Can Do

You know how a lot of Black women are so busy taking care of everybody else that we never really take the time figure out who we are and what we wanna do? Well, I am a Life Enhancement Coach and I help Black women prioritize ourselves so we can contribute to the rebuilding of our communities on a much deeper level. This includes reconnecting with ourselves so we can attract more fulfilling relationships into our lives, and discovering our inner divinity; using it to take back control of our lives. I am deeply committed to improving the state of the Black community as a whole. I believe that rebuilding and strengthening the community will require each of us to put our best foot forward; pooling our gifts and resources in a united capacity. Each person has a role to play in the pursuit of restoration; I am a healer and educator. My theory is that if each individual member of the Black community is able to heal themselves on an intrinsic level then we will be better able to walk and live in our purpose; thus healing ourselves collectively and effectively improving the state of our community.

A Few Accomplishments

B.S. Psychology; M.S. Counseling Psychology; Licensed Professional Counselor. Wife. Transformational Speaker. HUIC (Head Unicorn in Charge)